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Oct 30 15 4:14 AM

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Hm. Not the worst possible results for the election (hey, it's not the warmonger, right?), but... Santos's look of defeat is rather deflating, and I do find myself concerned as to what this guy will end up doing.
Hm... Does the Magico government have any particular say in the Magical Girl Union, or has it just been offering support so far?
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Dec 13 15 12:50 PM

Officially, the Magico government is not affiliated with the Magical Girl Union, but Presidente Santos has been giving it a lot of support in the background.  Which means that if the new president isn't interested in doing the same (and he isn't), that's going to make things harder.

If a president of Magico wanted to actually attack the Union, that would definitely be worse, because a president could pass some laws banning it outright.  But fortunately, the new president is just pretty apathetic about the whole thing -- he won't stand in their way, he just won't help them.

By the way, fun fact: the warmonger has shown up once before.  On this page!  You might see now why Chronos said he could be a disaster.

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